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Katrilli was formed in 1986 to promote enjoyment and preservation of Finnish dance, music and culture.

Our repertoire includes simple traditional dances as well as more complex contemporary choreographed productions, which usually tell stories or act out scenes of Finnish life.

Our National costumes represent various regions of Finland.  For summer time performances women use Fereesi/Feresi, made out of light colorful cotton.  It is worn with white blouse and an apron.  Men use black vests and black boots as their informal outfit.

Katrilli is proud of the heritage it is preserving.  The group maintains close contact with organizations in Finland to assure authentic instruction and dance technique.

In addition to performing in various festivals, conventions, retirement homes and private parties, Katrilli has organized special events, retreats and workshops.

Below are some of the events we have performed in:

* Seattle's Folklife Festivals
* Skandinavian Midsommarfests in Poulsbo and Kenmore
* Midsummer celebrations in Astoria and Naselle
* Finnfest USA
* Skandinavian Heritage Fest in Puyallup
* Yulefest in Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle
* Children's Museum in Seattle Center


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